Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanks Giving. Everyone loves to eat here so much we had two. The first one was wild. There were so many family members that all the guests including the missionaries had to go downstairs and eat. I was just like home to be around all the noise. For some service we chopped down trees and chopped them to pieces, joke, that was the elders but we did move the wood to families house that were needed. The second Thanks Giving dinner was quite and calm with some really good food. We went around the table and told everyone one what we were thankful for and mine was to be on a mission. We meet a less active member there who denied being a member when I asked her how long she had been in the ward. She was married in the temple and now says that she was never a member.
Noel Lawson came to church for the first time in 20 years. We just met him and his non- member wife just a couple of week ago when we raked his leaves. They also invited us over for dinner later this week. He and his wife are so kind and loving. Along with our less-actives Kate Harshberger was there for her 2 week in a row. I love to see the members flood to less-actives, it doesn’t always happen but we give them a little push.
There is a great young couple in the ward that is great in helping us out with everything and feeding a lot. We love going over to the bridges cause we always get into doctrine decisions. I hope that if I ever have the missionaries over I will talk to them about the gospel and up lifting things. Next time we go over there we are going to be talking about Jacob 5!
Finally this week all of our investigators are back!! Yeah!! They are all students and they were gone for Thanksgiving. We were so excited to see all the car and students out on the streets. Ha ha we started tracking in the student housing cause we were so excited to teach these young minds that don’t know where they are going in life. It kind of back fired on us but we still love the students. We have so many amazing people we are and going to teaching. Yesterday was amazing; you know out here you have to have so much faith. We are still working with Becky, she hasn’t smoked in a couple of weeks and we are still working on reading and praying on her own. She needs to have that desirer to first and the rest will fall into place. We found a less active (Jerry Peterson) that has been to church in 2 or three years. When we talked to him he knew that he had to come back to the church. It was funny because now that his mom had died (died of old age) he had no one to push him out the door and he knew that he mom would be disappointed in him. He has work on Sundays but he is trying to get it off. So we got a referral to go find this Ashley Shockley girl in an apartment complex of 12 buildings and 12 apartments in each one. We deiced to start at the end and meet everyone and ask them if they knew Ashley. I was a little worried that we were never going to find let a lone know if she was home last night. Well we knocked three doors and no one was home the first person that we talked to went to high school with Ashley and told us were she live. We went straight to Ashley and are going to start teaching her this Thursday. I knew that we found her because she was ready and the lord was preparing her for us, and we just needed the faith to go find her. The lord works in marvelous ways. I never thought we were going to find her so quickly. I love the inspiration that we receive if we are being obedient.

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